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Healthy living, one day at a time. 



And try our coffee alternatives instead! This FREE bundle of quick wellness guides will recharge your day, refocus your mind, and reset your energy. 

What's included:

  • 3 meditation guides

  • 3 tea recipes

  • 3 midday affirmations

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We are committed to helping you nourish your mind and body with meditation, movement, and nutrition. Fuel your engine, so you can change the world.  

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Meet Watson


And Edwards

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Routine First. Results Later.

Hello, I'm Sara!

Global health policy wonk turned wellness warrior. I can't wait to help you put YOU at the top of your list!

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Compassionate Empowerment for Every Day Care.

Hi, I'm Catherine!

Growing up as a constant patient, I now serve as a guide to help you find compassion on your journey. I can't wait to work together to improve your well-being and vitality!

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Fun Fact: We named our business after our matrilineal surnames because...women rule!